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Radio and Voice-Overs

Talk Radio
After Hours with Michelle Jerson
Michelle covers any and all lifestyle and relationship topics from dating, engagements and marriage to divorce, cheating, sex and the latest lifestyle news stories including health, fitness, local and national news.

News Talk Demo
Interview with Senator Vitale about opening the adoption records in NJ. We also speak to Long Islanders in the dark after Hurricane Sandy and a recovery storm expert.

1210 WPHT Philadelphia with Rich Zeoli
Rich and Michelle are both in their upper 30s, the new generation of talk, covering everything from politics and news to health and lifestyle topics. The shows is filled with commentary, news updates and guests.

77 WABC Radio - Co-hosting with Pat Kiernan
The Drive Home with Pat Kiernan is a news oriented talk show. In this hour, we talked to Congressman Peter King about the new NSA guidelines, Warner Wolf about the instant baseball replay and Assemblyman Daniel ODonnell about lowering the speed limit in NYC. Plus, the Broadway show, Beautiful, skunks in Central Park, the Polar Vortex, and the goofy news stories of the day.

NJ 101.5 After Hours with Michelle Jerson
A small sample of topics covered on After Hours

106.7 WJFK, Washington D.C.
Michelle created and co-hosted the show, "Unzipped: Hear What Men and Women Really Want."

Morning Shows
Composite Sample
Michelle has been an integral part of many local and national talk and music morning shows as a co-host, news anchor, and traffic reporter.

Howard 100 News
Sirius Satellite
Michelle was one of the original reporters for Howard Stern's news team, Howard 100 News

Music Radio
Various Stations
At the beginning of her radio career, Michelle was a country music disc jockey on such stations as New York and New Jersey's New Country Y107, Long Island's Country WMJC, and 92.5 WXTU in Philadelphia.

Country Music Demo

Rock Demo

Voice-Over Reel
Commercial Demo

Commercial Demo

Phone Messages
Recorded telephone voicemail for Consolidated Financial

Fifty Shades Of Grey News Stories for IQ 106.9 FM Philadelphia
Talking to Your Kids About Fifty Shades
What do you tell your children when they ask you about the book? Sex and relationship experts weigh in...

Kinky behavior linked to insecurities?
Interviews with sex and relationship therapists talking about what makes someone interested in alternative lifestyles, like BDSM.

BDSM: Dominant vs. Submissive
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach talks about dominant vs submissive and are the roles gender specific?

News Samples
WPHT News for The Rich Zeoli Show

ABC News Radio

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